I am LHBLovesEdu…

I am LHBLovesEdu. In everything I do, I try to make sure there is a reason, a purpose for it. I can honestly say that things have been looking bright for me and I am truly grateful for that. I am learning that with success comes negativity, resistance, and sometimes change. You have to be prepared for rejection and be very careful with who you share your dreams, visions, and progress with. I have always been a positive and personable person who always thinks or expects the worst. As I am getting older, I am learning to have a positive and growth mindset. If bad comes my way, I try to find the good or some good in any situation. Think of it as finding the message within the mess.

I keep feeling as if I have to be that someone for everyone. Months ago, a former follower on Twitter questioned my positivity. They made it seem as if I wasn’t authentic. It disturbed me because maybe a month or so later , they unfriended me through hear say it was because I was too dramatic. I don’t know if they were having an identity crisis or what exactly because this person was old enough to be my mom. I later found out that this individual has come across as a bully to others. Trust me, I didn’t lose any sleep over it because I am self-improving. No, I do not go on Twitter and vent because it is not the place for it. I go on Twitter to establish genuine connections, grow my PLN, and help as many people as I can. It’s rewarding to know you helped a friend with a problem or a project.

It is my goal to always be as positive as possible because sometimes that may be what someone needs at that moment. I am not perfect, in fact, I am far from it. I am me, an authentic me. I have problems like others. I need help like others, but I am going to be proactive about it because it could always be worse. So if you take anything from this message, take that I genuinely care and all that I do comes from my heart. I am human. I cry a lot. I make mistakes. I suffer. I struggle. With all that being said, I am thankful and grateful for any time I am able to tell a piece of my story. I want people to know that they are not alone. I do not have money (I wish I did), but I have time, ideas, and always willing to listen and help if I can. I am LaTezeon Humphrey Balentine. I am LHBLovesEdu…

Pure Intentions

I was trying to work on book #2 and writer’s block kicked it, typical. I guess too much on my mind at one time. So here I am trying to do what I was already doing, writing. I guess blogging is a way out of chaos. You just take the jumble up words and thoughts and put them onto paper, hoping that they make sense to someone, to me. I am not that big on holidays, especially since the passing of my grandmother. Birthdays are fun to celebrate because they give meaning to the fact that we have survived another year and we are able to continue to strive for our highest potential. I enjoy them (birthdays) for the kids and of course Christmas, but I mainly just focus on spending time with my family as much as possible. God blessed me with three amazing and inquisitive boys and I continue to cherish my moments with them and watch them develop their talents and character. I try to imagine what they may become by analyzing what they like to do and watching their interactions with each other as siblings as well as communication with others. I believe God broke the generational curse by giving me all boys. I’m thankful HE did. My ultimate mission in life is to provide the best possible life I can for my boys, to keep them from harm by being their protector and making sure their needs are cared for as their provider. Most importantly, I am to encourage them to perform, to try, and to love. I want them to have all of the things that I didn’t have and more. I don’t foresee me resting until I do right by them. I pray God allows me to be here earthly to see if my dreams and aspirations for them come true. I hope they know my intentions are purely from my heart.

Two of my 3 heartbeats! ♥️♥️
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Purposeful Writing…

Writing. Is it a talent that one is born with or it is something that with time One becomes exceptional at doing? Could it be the different view points or topics covered that makes people interested in wanting to read, or could the flow of the words be enough to catch someone’s attention without even knowing what the literary piece may be about? All in all, writing can be demanding and rewarding, a sacrifice to success.

I am on the journey of writing. It is something new to me that I find intriguing and challenging. On a personal note, it is helping me conquer fears that I have felt were inevitable to face in the past. It has become a new outlet and in let for my dreams and aspirations. I currently teach tenth grade English and it is a state test mandatory area. The writing part of the test counts 12 points of the total score which could be the determining factor on if they pass or not. I recently did a podcast and was asked how do I encourage my students to write. I explained by using a real life experience to show them the importance of being able to write.

When I was working on obtaining my Masters, I had to write a total of 8 essays within 8 hours broken up into two day sessions. It wasn’t what I had to do that was hard, I was prepared for the essays, it was the topics that I was afraid of. I took my time management into consideration and picked topics that I was most familiar with and created outlines to help guide my writing. The key was to write on the topics that I had the most knowledge on. Through God’s grace, I was able to successfully complete my coursework and exams to gain my Masters.

By incorporating this story into our lesson, they were able to see the importance of why you need to know how to write and we were able to focus on how to be able to write.

Good teachers are those who are able to inspire young minds without losing their own.

LIFE, Live It

Death. It’s the inevitable. Something we can not control, we do not know the day or the hour. I lost a dear friend a few days ago to bone cancer. The news was delivered that she had it and the probability of survival was slim. She was a warrior, she fought hard, day in and day out. She rarely lost her spirit and out-LIVED the time frame the doctors provided. My sweet friend leaves behind a young mature little soul of our future. He has to continue to live this journey called life without the one who was to love, protect, and support him along the way. She’s gone now, in flesh, but here in spirit. My oldest son was the barrier of the horrific news. I cried, it was tears of pain and relief. No more pain, no more suffering, that’s what I kept telling myself to give me a sense of comfort. After I regained my composure, I begin to question myself. Am I really living life or just going through the motions? At the age of 33, what do I have to show for myself, to show I am living for me? I am raising 3 amazing and intelligent young men who are all different in their own ways. Although, I am semi-raising them alone, I plan to manage. I am an educator, trying to leave a positive imprint on so many lives, but is it enough for me? Outside of being an educator, I wanted to be a news anchor and a print model. If God willing, I pray to see that magazine with me in it! As far as we know, we only have one life to LIVE! If I could give anyone advice and they were receptive to it, I would give the following: (1) Follow your instincts, take chances, accept failure, try again (2) Be curious, try new things (3) Dream BIG, use your imagination, set goals (4) Love what you do, it makes LIFE worth it (5) Love Learning, you are never too old and it adds awesome brain wrinkles (6) Keep an open heart, forgive others and help whenever you can (7) HAVE FUN and CHERISH every moment. Every breath is precious and worth giving your ALL. Most importantly, LOVE yourself. I can not stress that enough and I am constantly learning how to balance life, have fun, and make sure I am finding and fulfilling my purpose.