Purposeful Writing…

Writing. Is it a talent that one is born with or it is something that with time One becomes exceptional at doing? Could it be the different view points or topics covered that makes people interested in wanting to read, or could the flow of the words be enough to catch someone’s attention without even knowing what the literary piece may be about? All in all, writing can be demanding and rewarding, a sacrifice to success.

I am on the journey of writing. It is something new to me that I find intriguing and challenging. On a personal note, it is helping me conquer fears that I have felt were inevitable to face in the past. It has become a new outlet and in let for my dreams and aspirations. I currently teach tenth grade English and it is a state test mandatory area. The writing part of the test counts 12 points of the total score which could be the determining factor on if they pass or not. I recently did a podcast and was asked how do I encourage my students to write. I explained by using a real life experience to show them the importance of being able to write.

When I was working on obtaining my Masters, I had to write a total of 8 essays within 8 hours broken up into two day sessions. It wasn’t what I had to do that was hard, I was prepared for the essays, it was the topics that I was afraid of. I took my time management into consideration and picked topics that I was most familiar with and created outlines to help guide my writing. The key was to write on the topics that I had the most knowledge on. Through God’s grace, I was able to successfully complete my coursework and exams to gain my Masters.

By incorporating this story into our lesson, they were able to see the importance of why you need to know how to write and we were able to focus on how to be able to write.

Good teachers are those who are able to inspire young minds without losing their own.

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