I am LHBLovesEdu…

I am LHBLovesEdu. In everything I do, I try to make sure there is a reason, a purpose for it. I can honestly say that things have been looking bright for me and I am truly grateful for that. I am learning that with success comes negativity, resistance, and sometimes change. You have to be prepared for rejection and be very careful with who you share your dreams, visions, and progress with. I have always been a positive and personable person who always thinks or expects the worst. As I am getting older, I am learning to have a positive and growth mindset. If bad comes my way, I try to find the good or some good in any situation. Think of it as finding the message within the mess.

I keep feeling as if I have to be that someone for everyone. Months ago, a former follower on Twitter questioned my positivity. They made it seem as if I wasn’t authentic. It disturbed me because maybe a month or so later , they unfriended me through hear say it was because I was too dramatic. I don’t know if they were having an identity crisis or what exactly because this person was old enough to be my mom. I later found out that this individual has come across as a bully to others. Trust me, I didn’t lose any sleep over it because I am self-improving. No, I do not go on Twitter and vent because it is not the place for it. I go on Twitter to establish genuine connections, grow my PLN, and help as many people as I can. It’s rewarding to know you helped a friend with a problem or a project.

It is my goal to always be as positive as possible because sometimes that may be what someone needs at that moment. I am not perfect, in fact, I am far from it. I am me, an authentic me. I have problems like others. I need help like others, but I am going to be proactive about it because it could always be worse. So if you take anything from this message, take that I genuinely care and all that I do comes from my heart. I am human. I cry a lot. I make mistakes. I suffer. I struggle. With all that being said, I am thankful and grateful for any time I am able to tell a piece of my story. I want people to know that they are not alone. I do not have money (I wish I did), but I have time, ideas, and always willing to listen and help if I can. I am LaTezeon Humphrey Balentine. I am LHBLovesEdu…

4 thoughts on “I am LHBLovesEdu…

  1. You’re an amazing person! Don’t let one opinion deter you from being you! You know the saying, you can’t please all the people all the time! Keep being true to yourself and being passionate about what you do, because at the end of the day, that’s what will bring you happiness!

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    1. Thank you so much Mr. Matt! I really appreciate you taking the time out to read my post. It really means a lot! Thank you for your kind words! I am very thankful you are one of my right people.


  2. Your amazing in your own way. Never let anyone’s negativity bring you down!! I absolutely look up to you. You have grown to be one of my good friends on Twitter. Keep being you! Always be positive! Smile always because that’s the best revenge to every bad person. Your amazing!

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